Recommended Apps for Kids

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Recommended Apps for Kids

By Jevetta Doyley


Children love technology, which is great!  As parents and caregivers, it is important for us to ensure that they are being responsible when exploring the digital landscape and that they are using and viewing appropriate content.  We have compiled a number of our favourite apps for both Android and Apple users to support children’s academic, social and emotional growth and development.  Do you recognise any of these?  Have we missed any out?  Let us know!


For Android and Apple Users


Powered by google, this child-friendly search engine gives our little explorers a chance to google information without the fear of adult content popping up.  This is a great tool as it encourages the child to search for information they may need, encouraging children to take initiative, develops their understanding of technology and its many uses.  With all the spelling errors that our little ones make, the app ensures that they do not come across any unfriendly content.  


youtube kids


Youtube Kids!

It’s all in the name!  Another child-friendly search tool to allow children to watch age-appropriate videos without the fear of adult content popping up.  It’s fun and engaging interface is perfect for kids.  




Apple Apps


ABC Magic Phonics



Preschool Kids Games

Endless Reader

Alphabet Spelling and Phonics!  Literacy and ABC Games for Kids

Cubric Sentence building Tool

Sentence Maker



Counting 123

123 Fun:  Write and Learn Counting Numbers

Count and Learn Numbers


Alternative Communication Techniques

Baby Sign and Sing BSL

Baby Sign and Learn

Sign BSL

Signed Stories


Google Play Apps


Phonics Spelling and Sight Words

ABC for Kids All Alphabet

ABC Learning Letters Toddlers



Pre School Toddler Learning (Great for comprehension) Sentence Builder

AbiTalk Sentence Builder

Phonics Fun (Great for learning dipgraphs)



Numbers Board – for number writing

1-100 Kids learn Numbers Game


Alternative Communication Techniques

BSL British Sign Language

Sign BSL

Makaton Signing for Babies


Tech Tips for Kids

Limit the use of technology for children.  Too much of anything is never a good thing. It is important to diversify their play so that they do not rely heavily on technology.  Make sure your child understands the value of offline play, which is often unstructured and fun.  If they can’t seem to get into, try a range of approaches, a day at the park, ice skating, anything to encourage a range of creative play skills.  

Keep an eye on them.  Keep a watchful eye on the types of technology your child is using and try to engage in its use with them.  It’s important to monitor our children’s usage of technology.  It should be fun for all of us and not an excuse to cut ourselves off from the people around us.  There are plenty of two-player game options out there for kids, get involved!

Be mindful.  Children can get up to all sorts online but it’s important that we are mindful of this and understand that like all of us, they make mistakes.  Keep an open dialogue between you and your child about what they get up to online.  If they are getting up to no good, use this as a way to teach them about the consequences of their actions.