A Glimpse Inside an Autistic Mind

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A Glimpse Inside an Autistic Mind

Part 1

By Nada El Araby

child autism

“If you learn to speak my language, we will work much better together.”

I might like structure, and I might find it difficult to understand things if I hear too many words. Looking at pictures helps me understand what is coming next, because sometimes I am confused.

I might often like to move my hands in a way other children might not. I might also like to rock forward and backwards. This is okay, because this helps me focus and helps me stay calm.


Looking at people’s eyes is sometimes too difficult. Sometimes I might find it much easier to look to the side of their face, or look away from them when they are speaking. This helps me listen much better. This is how I can understand.


Loud noises sometimes make me very scared. This is because sometimes noises might sound louder to me than they do to many people around me. This is why I might hold my hands to my ears. I do this because I am trying to make the sound go away, or get a little lower.


Sometimes lots of colours around me make it hard to concentrate. Sometimes it is easier to learn in a white room, because I can understand better. This might be different than the other children, but it’s okay because this is how I can learn best.


Sometimes I like to touch people’s faces, feel their hair, or smell their hair or perfume. This is because I am sometimes attracted to touching and smelling things. Other people might not do this a lot, but sometimes this makes me feel calm and happy.


Sometimes I do not like it when someone touches me, hugs me, kisses me. Sometime I also don’t like to touch them, hug them, or kiss them. This does not mean I do not like or love them. This is because touching is too difficult for me, and sometimes it can feel painful. Not everyone is like this, but this is how I am.


Sometimes I like to line my toys in a specific way. This is because it is structured and ordered. I feel more comfortable when things are more structured and ordered. I don’t always like it when people change this, because in my mind I have a special way I want my things to be. Because in my mind this is the way they should be.


Sometimes I find it difficult to learn like everyone else. This is why I will need someone to help me. This someone is someone who will understand how I need to learn, and they will help me learn in my own way. Not everyone needs this, but I might need this and this is because it will help me.


My brother loves playing with play-dough. I love playing with play-dough. We only have one play-dough. This play-dough is mine. I do not want my brother to take it, because it will get lost and it will finish and I will never play with it again. I will do anything I can to keep the play-dough.


Sometimes I enjoy playing on my own. This is not because I do not like people, but it’s because sometimes people want to play in their own way and this is hard for me. Just like I might line the toys up, I might have a specific way I want to play the game. It is hard to explain this to my friends and family.


Sometimes I want to say things, but I don’t know how to say them. This makes me angry and makes me do something people call bad or negative behaviour. I do the bad or negative behaviours because I get confused, scared, and because I don’t know how to explain myself.


When I am at the supermarket, sometimes I want something and mummy might say no. I do not want to leave the supermarket without it, but mummy does not understand. Mummy says some things, but I cannot hear her. I do not want to leave because when I come back again it will not be here, it will be gone or it will be lost. I will do anything I can to stay in the supermarket, because I do not want to leave the item.