Affordable Home Activities for Kids

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Affordable Home Activities for Kids

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By Maria Tzioni

In this article I will introduce some low budget and affordable activities that you can do with your children at home.  I focused a lot on the sensory dough, due to the fact that we are currently working with children with sensory difficulties. Finding alternatives means you are using your creativity, being resourceful and being environmentally friendly. Here, at Building Blocks Therapy Centre, we try to be as resourceful as possible, in turn we reinforce the creativity and imagination of the children, two vital life skills.



Plant pots

Spring is almost over but it is not too late to create your own plant pots with silly pictures of you and your children. It is a great way to unify the family and reinforce the important role of each of you in the family, whether that mummy, daddy big sister or baby brother. Simply plant some seeds into a plastic cup and in the front of the plastic pot, stick the pictures of yourself and your child. Growing plants is a great way to make your children feel more responsible as he/she now owns their own living thing.  They also learn how plants grow.  My top tip would be to use lentil seeds over beans or chickpeas as they need less effort and time to grow.





TambourineDIY musical instruments are the best way for your kids to explore music. This DIY instrument combines the development of fine and gross motor skills, as well as their musical affiliation. You will need paper plates, some seeds (beans, lentils,rice, or pasta), markers or paint, brushes for the paint and of course glue or staples. Attaching ribbons on to the sides also adds a nice touch. The instrument can be used as a tambourine or as maracas. 








For amazing performances, why not use paper plate masks?  Add to the fun factor at birthdays and kids parties by creating some of these great masks.  They are so cute and even easier to make. You just need straws or chopsticks, paper plates, scissors, and paint. The decorative options are endless, which makes the final product just as fun as the making process.




Sensorial Sand Play


Have you ever considered making your own moon sand? Why not?  It only contains two very affordable ingredients. You don’t have to miss out if you have a smaller budget.  It is not a matter of money but a matter of creativity. Moon sand is so soft and easy to clean, and you too can make it by adding 8 cups of flour to 1 cup of baby oil and that’s it! Try it and let me know how you got on.




kinetic sand

Kinetic sand is another amazing sensory activity for children, as it can be used for educational purposes.  The best recipe that I could find that is closest to the texture of the kinetic sand you see in your local toy stores can be found here. However, you may find that you need to add some water from time to time as it dries out. You will need, 5 cups of sand, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, 1 teaspoon of washing up liquid and water. Put the sand into a container, add the cornstarch and mix thoroughly.  In another bowl, mix equal parts of the soap and water.  Finally, pour the jar with the soap into the container and get mixing!