Art and Soothing the Mind

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Art and Soothing the Mind

By Terry Soliman



Sometimes people feel reluctant to do art because they think that they’re not gifted enough. However, art is not only a way of expressing your artistic ability, but is also a way for adults, especially parents to feel relaxed. This soothing effect is produced by multiple art techniques that parents can try out.


Stress Painting

One of them is by making a stress painting. This entails using colours that you believe represent the stress you’re feeling and to scribble or paint in whatever manner you’d like. The result is that you express your stress through your painting and in a sense, paint your stress away.



Another way to soothe yourself is to paint while listening to relaxing music. While listening, you should just let your hand flow to the music, using colours that you find soothing. This is not only a great way to relax, but also helps you express your creativity. This is also related to another way to relax which is to paint while outside. Nature can help bring about inspiration as well as help you get completely immersed within your art, bringing about relaxation.



A final way to feel relaxed is to simply colour in a design. Colouring books for adults are currently on the rise due to the soothing effect that colouring brings about. If you don’t have a colouring book, any design will work just fine, such as a mandala.


Art can be a lot of fun regardless of whether you are artistic or not. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a nice day and to relax, forgetting about stress. These techniques are good for parents as well as for children, and can be done in a family setting, with parents guiding their children.