The ability to communicate is​ vital for children as it impacts the ability to make friends, learning appropriate behaviour skills and failure to understand verbal instructions may be interpreted as misbehaviour. We work on
receptive and expressive language development along with the use of augmentative
methods of communication.

Our tried and tested communication methods are used with a wide range of communication difficulties. Depending on your child’s needs; we are able to create a personalised programme route to work on their specific needs.

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  1. Meetings (up to 15 minutes FREE via skype or face to face)
  2. Consultation [here you will discuss the case and the consultant will recommend the assessments needed, you are able to do the assessment on the same day]
  3. Assessment [the recommended assessment will be conducted, after the assessment the report will be processed]
  4. Follow-up Consultation [this can be conduced in clinic or via phone or Skype. Here you will discuss the assessment report, and the therapy programme will be created for your child’s / pupil’s specific case]


*We are Makaton friendly. As part of our services, we are able use Makaton with the children and families we work with. We are also able to assist parents with Aupair services.*For more information about this service please contact us here:


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