Dance and Why it Helps

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Dance and Why it Helps

By Alaa Alkaadi

dance and why it helps


Dance and Why it helps

Dance is a form of physical activity that is sustainable because it is fun!

It is of common knowledge that dance comes with many physical benefits, such as

  • developing body control
  • co-ordination
  • increased flexibility
  • increased muscle tone
  • balance and spatial awareness
  • motor movement
  • fine movement
  • increased endorphins providing a basis for improved mood

Alongside this dance entails other benefits such as supporting children’s literacy development as they can use their imagination to create ideas, characters and narratives. For example, this can take form of animal noise and movement as they explore various ways of self expression.

Social and emotional benefits include developing friendships and working as an individual or part of a team as dance also has a socialisation component. Dance is inclusive to everyone as it can be adapted for those

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