Dyslexia Support

Why has this programme been developed?

“Having a younger brother with Dyslexia who has proven to my whole family that having Dyslexia is an advantage rather than a disadvantage; I acquired a strong belief that Dyslexia is not a disabling diagnosis if we do not make it to be one. We are all different and we can all learn if we meet those who are able to teach us in our own way.

Having personal first hand experience dealing with Dyslexia and being exposed to a wide range of instructional techniques in Egypt and the UK, I have realised that many of them overlap in a number of ways. Eventually, I started working for myself where I have then developed the Building Blocks Therapy Centre’s way. Our approach is inspired by a number of the best learning techniques to help children with Dyslexia and comprehension difficulties. But most importantly, it is all about how you deliver instruction and how creative you can be! I believe that people with Dyslexia do not all learn the same. I learnt this through my brother first, then through my education and experience second. EVERYONE learns in a different way, and its a blessing to be able to aid in this personalised process with a child.”

— Nada El Araby, CEO


What does Building Blocks Therapy Centre do that is different from other approaches?

We personalise our programmes!

Nada, the CEO of  Building Blocks Therapy Centre, has created the personalised programme system after working with her brother who has Dyslexia and observing his progress and development throughout the years. Nada found that people with Dyslexia are very very creative and that they use their creativity to overcome their struggles. Nada saw her brother discover his own ways to deal with his Dyslexia. Her brother started discovering that using visual aids, colour coding, and basic pictures helped him with learning. She found that his greatest educational achievements were when information was visually presented to him or presented to him using a number of different approaches. She found that her brother along with others with Dyslexia find comfort in learning through specific colours. She also realised that not all children prefer the same colours and that an assessment for the preferred choice of colour was essential. She quickly realised that trying to teach him how to write and read through the usual letter cards is not the particular approach for him, even though it may work for other children with Dyslexia. She realised that children with Dyslexia will not all be able to succeed with a "one size fits all" programme and that each child should be studied in terms of their sensory profiles, strengths, preferred method of teaching, self esteem, and behaviour before an educational plan is developed.


What difficulties will be tackled?

  • reading
  • writing
  • spelling
  • maths
  • comprehension


What kind of resources does your programme offer?

We believe in the multi-sensory approach! We all learn through a number of different ways and so do the children we work with! We use modelling clay, glitter, play-dough, water, glue, pipe cleaners and more sensory resources to help our children learn to strengthen their symbol imagery! We are very happy to receive your email, call or meet you to discuss this further


How many hours will the programme be?

This will all depend on your child's assessment scores.

Minimal hours start from 1-2 hours per day.

Mid hours start from 2-3 hours per day.

Intensive hours start from 4-6 hours per day.

Is this also available for children with Autism or other neurodevelopmental difficulties?

Because we mould each programme for each child, this intervention is also available for pupils with Autism and other neurodevelopmental difficulties. However, the way the programme will be delivered is much different than if it were delivered to a child with Dyslexia.

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