Fine motor skills

The course of this intervention primarily depends on each clients individual needs. Sometimes ABA may be viewed as very structured with little freedom in the programme. The type of intervention we provide here at our centre is very differential and can range from a very structured programme to a very flexible one. Sometimes, following a rigid programme is not needed, and taking the child as they are and working on their own needs for the session may be exactly what the child would benefit from. Not every child with Autism needs very structured ABA, and this is why at Building Blocks Therapy Centre we work with the child as they are and give the child the intervention and therapy which they would best respond to- whether this is an ABA intervention or a child centred approach to their therapy and intervention.

Effective intervention, whether ABA (and VB) or other interventions are not a "one size fits all" type of intervention. Each person has their own needs, therefore the programme is different for each and every client. The main similarity is that the intervention provides a lot of reward and reinforcements throughout the process of developing the targeted skills.