After carrying out our latest “Meet and Greet” event, our attendees filled out a review form.
Below are some of the reviews we received.

Did you enjoy our presentation?

All our attendees, parents and professionals answered “yes” and “very much”to this.

They enjoyed the session and found it very beneficial. The majority enjoyed the fact that they were involved in activities that allowed them to see things from the child’s perspective. The feedback was so positive that we are now planning our next meet and greet and will keep you posted on the upcoming date and venue! We look forward to seeing you there!

How beneficial did you find it?

It is great to help with seeing things from other peoples perspectives and be more tolerant and patient.

Extended my understanding of issues to do with children with special needs and what they may be going through.

Incredibly helpful. More workshops like this will help tremendously , not only for the kids/adults with learning difficulties, but also for parents and professionals to learn more, well done!

It was clear and very well delivered.

Discussion was a very useful part of the workshop. I was very pleased to be able to ask all the questions I had.