Symbol Imagery


What is Symbol Imagery?

Symbol imagery is the ability to create images in your head for the sounds and letters in words. Symbol imagery develops orthographic and phonological processing. Children with weak symbol imagery will have difficulties with the development of word recognition, word attack, spelling and fluent, accurate contextual reading.


How does this programme help?

People with dyslexia are usually creative and will enjoy learning through different mediums. People with dyslexia are visual/picture learners. At BBTC we believe in the importance of your child's visual and muscle memory. Together, we create the alphabet through using play dough, pipe cleaners, wax sticks, goo and even glitter! We believe in the importance of doing and seeing the making of the image. Let's put the letter cards aside and let us use multi-sensory materials instead!

What will this programme teach my child?

With intensive instruction, your child will be able to improve their abilities to:

  • visualise words
  • write words in multi-sensory materials
  • self-correct
  • self-monitor 
  • identify letter sounds
  • identify letter names
  • read up to multi-syllabic words
  • follow direction


How is this programme different?

We integrate multi-sensory methods to better teach our children to work towards improving their phonological awareness and orthographic processing.

Some of BBTC's educational activities are:

  • discovery goo
  • whole body approach
  • the 3D way
  • putty sentences
  • treasure box
  • puppet helper