Tourette Syndrome

We Work with your child with Tourette’s Syndrome through our child centred behavioural approaches. We understand that involuntary noises and movements (tics) can be quite distracting, and at times may affect your child’s self confidence. Our counselling approach complements our behavioural therapy, to help your child understand and deal with their often frustrating tics.

By understanding your child’s pattern of behaviour, and working together as a team (your child and the BBTC therapist); we strengthen your child’s self confidence and ability to fight the tics away.

One of our methods at BBTC is the habit reversal therapy. We implement this by working with your child and identifying the patterns of their tics. We also observe your child, and take your input on when you best believe the tics may result. We then teach your child tools, that are known as the competing response, to fight tics away.

*We are Makaton friendly. As part of our services, we are able use Makaton with the children and families we work with. We are also able to assist parents with Aupair services.*For more information about this service please contact us here:
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