How to Become an Accredited BBTC Therapist

All BBTC accredited therapists have been trained and assessed by BBTC therapists in the UK.  With this qualification, your knowledge and experience will allow you to take on roles within the health, education and social care sector.   Read on to find out more about our accredited therapist route.


4 Step Route to Become a BBTC Accredited Therapist

  1. Level 1Certificate in Holistic SEN Therapeutic Training©
  2. Level 2 Certificate in Creative Therapy Skills©
  3. Level 3 Diploma in the Art of Communication©
  4. Practical Application through Clinic-Based Work Experience



Each course has an average duration of 6-10 months.  The duration of each course depends on the hours you can commit to, we provide a number of options to suit you as a lone learner, group learner or distance learner.


How are Courses Conducted?

For groups of practitioners or parents, we are able to provide you with group-based training and/or distance learning via online platforms such as Skype.


Entry Requirements for Accreditation

All prospective accredited BBTC therapists must apply for each of the training courses named above.  All course materials and assignments must be completed and sent to BBTC for assessment. Upon the successful completion of all training course, candidates will need to apply for a place in our practical application programme, where you will be able to volunteer with BBTC during therapy sessions.  Please note that spaces for these courses are limited.


What Happens After Accreditation?

Upon successful completion, you will be awarded your accreditation as a BBTC therapist and you can conduct work using the methods we have taught you.  In addition, you will be able to sign up for our BBTC Accredited Therapist membership.  The BBTC Accredited Therapist membership allows other to find you (their nearest therapist).  The learning doesn’t just stop there, you will also be kept up to date on exclusive offers on our services and workshops.


We’ll guide you as you take your first steps into the therapeutic realm.  Apply using the application form below.


All BBTC training programmes, programme names, presentations and slide shows, materials provided, methods and techniques learned, are protected by copyright law©