The Importance of Sensory Play

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The Importance of Sensory Play

Sensory Play

By Alaa Alkaadi


Children learn about their environment and the wider world via touching, tasting, smelling, seeing and hearing. Suzanne Gainsley (Early Childhood Specialist) summarises sensory play as ‘food for the brain’, whereby the stimulated senses send signals to the children’s brains. In turn, the physiological benefits associated with this include strengthening the neural pathways, which is important for all types of learning.


As parents or carers we understand the struggles that come with sensory play, such as the lack of ideal space within the home or the mess. However we can guarantee that the advantages related to sensory play definitely outweigh these concerns.


The main advantages include:

  • The ability to identify any sensory issues your child exhibits
  • Social and Emotional development (turn taking and a sense of control)
  • Cognitive development (identifying similarities & differences in texture)
  • Physical development (hand eye coordination)
  • Language (describing words)


At Building Blocks Therapy Centre we highly value and incorporate sensory play within our activities.
Bubbles, paint and playdough are a big favourite with our little explorers!


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