Parent Support

Building Blocks Therapy Centre believes in the importance of looking after yourself, when caring for loved ones.  Often parents neglect their own needs, running on empty to meet the requests of loved ones which can impact the relationships around them.  Research suggests that when managing the challenges of getting the appropriate support and, caring for a child with a high level of need due to a neurodevelopmental condition,  parental mental health and wellbeing can become negatively impacted.   Protective factors include developing appropriate coping strategies in high stress environments, networking and developing a support systems of fellow parents and regularly making time for yourself.  Building Blocks Therapy Centre provides a number of services catered to parents and carers.  Our services include the following:


Mindfulness and Relaxation for New Mums

Aimed at new mums, this mindfulness and relaxation service is a great way to develop techniques to help parents manage high-stress situations by checking-in.  The service also provides time away to recalibrate and relax, reducing the feelings of being overwhelmed often experienced by new mothers.


Mindfulness and Relaxation for Parents & Carers

This service provides parents of children of all ages to relax and check in.  This is service is completed one-to-one with a mindfulness practitioner who will guide parents through mindfulness strategies and techniques, helping them to be in the here and now.  Learn to check-in, take gratitude, recognise your needs, become aware of your own feelings and emotions, and engage in self compassion.  All of our mindful sessions are tailored to meet your individual need.  This ensures that parents are motivated to take these techniques home and practice wherever they go.


Mindfulness for Couples

This service is recommended for couples who wish to spend some time together.  Our Mindfulness for Couples service allows you to truly dedicate some time to your relationship with a significant other.  This service is most suited to those who would like to develop a deeper connection with your partner, learn to forgive, learn to relax, develop an awareness of each others needs, and increase bonding time. 



This service is recommended for anyone who wishes to understand more about themselves, learn to forgive, gain strength, develop self-love and better understand themselves.  Counselling provides a safe space for individuals to talk freely without judgement, developing an understand of their own needs.  By working with a practitioner you can increase your mental wellbeing and work towards overcoming life’s challenges.


Mindfulness Through the Use of the Arts

This service is recommended for parents who wish to be in the here and now, using a range of mediums.  The methods used are tailored to individual needs and interests, creative freedom is encouraged.  Learn to check-in, take gratitude, recognise your needs, become aware of your own feelings and emotions, and engage in self compassion.


Complimentary Coffee Mornings for Parents & Carers

Highly recommended for all parents, our group and coffee mornings are a way to encourage the wonderful parents we work with, and prospective parents, to get together and receive some support from other parents and carers.


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Learn how mindfulness can help you and your family.