Mum and Dad Respite

BBTC provides a number of services catered for parents, including single parents. Our services include the following:


New Mum Mindfulness and Relaxation

This service is aimed towards new mums who need respite time. The mindfulness and relaxation practise is a great way to release your day, and have some time for yourself.


Mum / Dad Mindfulness and Relaxation

This service is aimed to provide parents a duration of respite time all to themselves. This is an individual service, where the parent will receive the mindfulness practice/relaxation personalised to their own needs. For couples mindfulness, please refer to Mum and Dad Mindfulness.


Mum and Dad Mindfulness

This service is recommended for parents who wish to spend some time together, or to increase connectivity. Mindfulness allows space for connection, forgiveness, relaxation, and more. With the challenges faced in our daily lives, couples mindfulness allows for a dedicated time and space to be together in the here and now.



This service is recommended for anyone who wishes to understand more about themselves, forgive, gain strength, learn, and much more. Counselling allows for a safe space and a growing relationship between the client and the practitioner to work together towards the clients’ wellbeing.


Mindfulness Using Different Mediums

This service is recommended for parents who wish to be in the hear and now, through a specific / a number of chosen medium(s). The duration allows you to regain and refocus your energy.


Parent Groups + Coffee Mornings (Free)

This is recommended for all parents. Our groups and coffee mornings are a way to encourage the wonderful parents we work with, and prospective parents, to get together and receive some respite.


To book any of the above services, please contact us on


Learn how mindfulness can help you and your family.