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My name is Nada el Araby, and I am the founder of Building Blocks Therapy Centre. I am originally from Cairo, Egypt, where I qualified as a Psychologist, and moved to London in 2011 add on to my Psychologist qualification, and open Building Blocks Therapy Centre, which was founded by me in 2013.

I am a simple person, who loves to play. I am creative by nature, and nothing inspires me more than BBTC, and all of the children I feel lucky enough to meet. My goal is to share this inspiration with all of the people I work with, to spread an appreciation for all that is different and special.

I primarily work with children suffering from emotional and behavioural challenges, and assist the children and their families with a wide range of services through sessions, consultations, workshops and so on. Every family has a different requirement, so it is always essential to conduct a consultation, get to know the family better and the history; then decide on the way forward. I founded my company in London in 2013, and have been offering online services since 2015.

The most important rule for me is helping your family in a way that will work for your family. It is unfair to be impractical or expect you to reach unrealistic complicated goals. With my advice and professional view, I work with you to reach ‘your own practical’ and find out what works for your family. I find ways to include simple DIY interventions to be applied at your home. I create simple and catchy intervention methods for your children to relate to, which eases the process. I am contactable via whatsapp through your familys journey with me, because sometimes your child does something outstanding you just want to share, or sometimes your child does something you need immediate assistance with.

More than anything, my team and I provide all our services and therapy with love.

Words from our Family

Slide "Some of our favourite moments with Building Blocks Therapy Centre are….." -BBTC Clients Slide "We loved when our son's primary school described us as the best prepared team for a SENCO session that they'd ever met." -BBTC Clients Slide "It's really helped with the stress of having a child with additional needs to see how kindly he's treated by the team and what warm bonds the team have with him." -BBTC Clients