Becoming a Family Blocks, Creatively Me © Member:

  • You will get access to monthly therapeutic teachings that guide you through parenthood.
  • Gives you a space to make your family life smoother
  • Access to both the mum and the child section. Teachings include:
    • creative ways to approach challenging behaviour, getting rid of mum guilt, organising, raising a calmer child, monitoring and managing emotional outbursts and many more
  • And most importantly, you get access to monthly discount codes that will give you a range of percentage discounts on our services!


*Membership begins on 28th October 2020!


Message from Nada:

I understand that behaviour is like a big puzzle. It’s never a one size fits all, never. Throughout my years of working with children, I have come to realise that the ideas you think will not work are usually some of the the best. Interventions need to be creative, and full of fun and colour.

Join me in this membership, and together we will go through some of the most creative learning you have yet to experience. I can’t wait to teach you my super out of the box skills!



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