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Building Blocks Therapy Centre offers a wide range of services designed, with love, to accommodate your child and family’s individual needs. The children we see have difficulties in areas inclusive but not limited to: social skills, play skills, emotional regulation, educational abilities and/or challenging behaviour more broadly.


Meet with one of our skilled practitioners who will not only speak to you about your child’s behaviour and needs but can also observe your child in realtime, screening his or her speech, communication skills, and social and emotional development, in order to better understand and best accommodate his or her needs. All of our consultations are done either in person or online, upon your request. Currently, all our consultations are completed online.


After an initial consultation our consultant, you may be asked to complete an assessment for your childen. We administer a number of assessments, including but not limited to the ADOS-2 and the BASC-2. We may also request see a paediatrician for further assessments. Because all our services are currently online, we use the first few online sessions to fomulate an assessment for your child, gather as much information we can, then create an action plan and goals for your childs therapy.


Our unique therapeutic method is designed to aid in the development of speech, language, fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, interaction, communication, attention, academic skills, social skills, and managing behaviour difficulties, to list a few. Our therapy is done either in person or online, upon your request. Currently, all our therapy services are completed online.

Parent Support:

Building Blocks Therapy Centre believes in the importance of looking after yourself, when caring for loved ones. Research suggests that when managing the challenges  of getting support for a child with a high level of need due to a neurodevelopment condition, parental mental health and wellbeing can become negatively impacted.

Protective factors include developing the right coping strategies in high stress environments, developing a support system of fellow parents, and regularly making time for yourself. Building Blocks Therapy Centre provides a number of services catered to parents and carers, including One-on-One Counselling, Coffee Mornings, and the Outlet. Currently, all our parent support services are completed online.


Currently, all workshops are taught online. Our workshops are available for both individual learning and group learning. All workshops are designed to takle topics related to child and family. We offer specific topic workshops (with CPD credits and certificate upon completion), and are also able to personalise a workshop based on what you are interested to learn about. Contact us for more information.