We believe that support should be as stress-free as possible


The Outlet© is a service crafted to fit the busy life of motherhood. The virtual element of the service allows accessibility for all Mums to support and be supported, share, and connect despite their location on the map.  By being one of The Outlet© Mums, here is some of what you will experience:

  • Build confidence
  • Learn to trust through your secure and authentic space (through our ‘mini webinar groups’)
  • Realise that others share the way you feel, and that you are not alone
  • Be heard
  • Help other Mums build confidence
  • Learn to appreciate/re-appreciate your life, your kids, your partner, and your family
  • Use a positive perspective
  • Learn how to get your marriage back to where it was before children
  • Accept dynamic changes, and learn how to deal with them
  • Learn positive parenting methods, and how to personalise them to your unique family
  • Understand behavioural patterns within yourself and within your family
  • Develop your practice and understanding of child development, neuro-diversity and therapeutic practice
  • Embrace challenges and celebrate successes
  • Be more mindful


First month complimentary!

Following, Quarterly Payments 


Yearly Payments

Payments can be made monthly via bank transfer or you can set-up direct debits.


    Membership includes:


1. Live Bi-weekly Webinar
Once every two weeks we will be hosting and presenting live webinars ‘mini webinar groups’.  Ever needed new perspective on an old problem?  We provide the topic and you send us questions, together we will be able to tackle issues affecting the home and family, relationship dynamics, school challenges and successes, or healthcare setting.  We will also be selecting members to provide case studies, share their own achievements, and more!
2. A Private Mindfulness Hour or Private Consultation 
Every month, have a choice between a mindfulness hour or a complimentary consultation hour with our team; both are delivered online. During consultations, you can receive advice, support and supervision.  Not only can we support you and your child, we can also support you. During our mindfulness hour, you will learn how to be in the here and now, work on self compassion, self-love and self-care; all an important part of positive wellbeing and healthy motherhood.

3. Quarterly Newsletters

For the months of March, June, September and December, we will be producing an online publication designed to suit the needs of parents and professionals.  The publication will provide insight into debates within child development, therapeutic techniques, understanding assessments and the addition of material that can be used in your own settings.
4. Complimentary and Discounted Continued Professional Development Materials
Ever wanted to have additional certificates? Or just learn something new, and also have it accredited? By being one of The Outlet© Mums, you will have access to a number of selected complimentary certified courses, with a certificate upon completion! Further, you will also receive an exclusive 10% off of additional CPD courses.
5. Access to Networking Events
We will be hosting events for parents.There will be opportunities for meetings, networking, mentoring, and sharing face to face! Webinar networking events may be possible!
We are keeping some other perks a secret for now, all unfolding once you become one of The Outlet© Mums!
To learn more, contact us at info@buildingblockstherapycentre.co.uk

“Understanding the needs of children is only half of the battle.  Gaining trust and building the confidence of children with special needs takes patience, love and professionalism.  Building Blocks Therapy Centre takes small steps to building incredible personal victories!”

– Marcia Newsam