Are my words confusing? How to use effective speech

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Are My Words Confusing?  How To Use Effective Speech

By Alaa Alkaadi 



Modifying our speech is necessary for building language skills.  It ensures your child is able to understand and also express feelings and ideas.

  • Ensure that you use slow, clear, simple words and phrases
  • Never criticise your child’s articulation or speech patterns instead always give lots of praise for their efforts this can be verbal e.g. repeating what they just said or saying how much you like their talking or non verbal, a smile, hug or clapping your hands.
  • Effective speech consists of eye contact, warm tone of voice, expressive hand and body gestures
  • Have your child’s hearing and eye sight checked to ensure that it Is not contributing to a communication problem
  • If you still feel that your child could have a communication problem, you will probably need to see your GP who may refer you to a speech pathologist for a formal diagnosis.


The following techniques can be used in your day to day activities, for example in the kitchen, during playtime or even during your journeys together to school. Your child does not have to be close to you or pay attention to when you are using these techniques.

  • Self Talk- Talk out loud throughout any activity you are doing, seeing or feeling. For example, when you are preparing salad in the kitchen you may say, “wash tomato, cut tomato, in the bowl, salad is nearly ready” and repeat with other vegetables.
  • Parallel Talk- Talk out loud about what is happening to your child using words to describe what they are doing. For example, when your child is playing with playdough, you may say “ roll, roll, make number 2”.
  • Expansion – Aim to expand on what your child says, this can easily be done when you are responding back to them. For example, when they say “drink”, you may say “drink water”. Aim to correct or change their word order if needed.